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February 14, 2024

West London Partnership Quiz Night

On Tuesday 12th December St Paul’s Girls’ School hosted “The West London Partnership (WLP) Student Quiz Night”, devised, organised, and executed by the WLP student committee. The committee is comprised of 40 students (4 from each of our partnership schools) ranging from Year 9 to Year 12. On this occasion, 24 students from the committee worked closely together to take the lead on this event. Their aim was to create an activity that would bring our partnership schools together to support the creation of long-lasting friendships amongst students. Once forged, the hope is that these relationships will then help to facilitate future collaborations within the partnership.

The event was a huge success, and this was highlighted by the attendance figures! 45 Year 9 students from 6 of the WLP schools piled into the school, excited and curious to see what the night would bring.

With support the committee planned the event in just two meetings over two months. From recruiting students to crafting the quiz, their hard work was evident throughout.

On arrival students were divided into mixed teams, as this was a night designed to build alliances. The evening kicked off with ‘Festive Hat Making’ before getting into the more serious portion of the evening – ‘The Quiz’. Of course, every good quiz needs an inspiring quizmaster and WLPs own charismatic double act rivalled many infamous duos commonly found on national TV on an evening!

Taiwo (Putney High School) and Rufus (St Paul’s School) tested the students with 5 rounds of devious questions including ‘How many dimples on a golf ball?’ and ’Guess the song’ which required students to identify songs from a plethora of genres all of which were played backwards. As the evening drew to a close, it was finally time to reveal the answers whilst the student committee marked the quiz sheets. The results revealed a tie, but there could only be one winner. The student committee were prepared for such an outcome and presented the teams with a tiebreak question: “What is the most streamed Christmas song of all time?”

Harnessing the full power of nominative determinism, team Kazanan Takim (Turkish for “Winning Team”), overcame their opponents with the correct answer! They were both gracious and delighted by their win and were presented with the coveted WLP trophy by St Paul’s School’s Third Master, Mr. James Gazet!

The student committee are an integral part of the future planning of WLP projects, and being part of this exciting team allows students to be at the forefront of supporting the direction of up-and-coming WLP student partnerships. If any students are interested in forming the new committee next academic year, they should contact our WLP coordinator based at SPGS, Rachel McGlinchey, who will be happy to liaise with them and support them with their application.