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June 30, 2021

Colet Mentoring

Colet Mentoring is a first-of-its-kind peer learning app that allows students to learn from and support one another.

Through Colet Mentoring, students can learn safely from each other right from their smartphones. Pioneered by St Paul’s School and London-based EdTech start-up, EasyA founded by two alumni of St Paul’s School, the app allows students to snap a photo of their question and get instant STEM help from a peer mentor.

Students learn via a combination of messages, pictures and virtual whiteboard with the lightweight, low-data format making the help accessible to most students, including those who have limited internet connections that don’t permit video sessions. The app is completely free for all students involved, with the innovative platform paving the way for a new model of highly scalable, 1:1 mentoring that promises to help students catch up and get ahead this lockdown and beyond.

Mentors are Year 12 and 13 students from any school who have achieved the top grades in their subject at GCSE, supporting younger mentee students from Years 5 to 11. With mentees connecting with mentors in under 60 seconds on average, the programme has proved a winning formula so far.

Colet Mentoring is actively encouraging all schools across the UK, whether they are looking to provide volunteer mentors or get their students extra support, to join the movement. To find out more, simply email Stuart Block, Director of Partnerships, St Paul’s School – [email protected] or Phil Kwok at EasyA – [email protected]