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May 21, 2024

Free Live Science Shows – National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

You have the exciting opportunity to come and see a LIVE science show delivered by the team from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). All shows will be presented in the Wathen Hall at St Paul’s School (click for map) during the school day on Monday 17th June 2024.

There are two shows on offer: an explosive show for KS3 students involving liquid nitrogen and and a second for KS4/5 covering the electromagnetic spectrum. Each show lasts approximately 45 or 50 minutes, see timings below.

Monday June 17 2024, Wathen Hall St Paul’s School

Follow the below links for more information and the sign up form:

10:50 – 11:40 Liquid Nitrogen Show – Years 7 and 8.

13:40 – 14:25 Electromagnetic spectrum show – Years 10 and 12

14:35 – 15:20 Electromagnetic spectrum show – Years 10 and 12

We have a capacity of 300 for each show. If you would like your students to attend these shows please fill in the Google Forms linked above for each show stating the number of students you wish to bring by the end of the day on June 13th. Students and teachers will have to make their own way to and from the school site.

Any questions please email Ben ([email protected]) or Janet ([email protected]) for more details.